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Famous American fashion designer Michael Kors has his own eponymous clothing brand. Michael Kors outlet handbags fashion design style simple and clear, bright eye-catching, stylish, cool flavor. He retained on the basis of sleek, simple decorations, and other features on the diversification to absorb the design concept was popular, urban professional women are the best choice.

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Michael High Division Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a famous American fashion designer Michael Kors in China wholly owned, in April 2011 formally incorporated in Shanghai. Michael Kors company's full range of products sold in China, the brand portfolio includes Michael Kors Collection, MICHAEL Michael Kors outlet, KORS Michael Kors, products include male and female fashion, bags, shoes, accessories, perfumes and so on.

Michael Kors fashion brand founded in 1981 by the designer himself registered in the United States, is North America's leading designer brands. Michael Kors products simple and stylish, with a strong New York city style. Michael Kors outlet online product line by Hollywood celebrities and the fashion love. In addition, Michael Kors himself as a long-term due to the large jury fashion reality show Project Runway rather widely known.

Michael Kors fashion brand now officially enter the Chinese, the blowing wind a new lifestyle fashion concept in China. American brand MichaelKors will visit Beijing Shin Kong in April 2012.

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Michael Kors has been the recipient of numerous industry awards, including the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) awarded the 1999 Women's Designer of the Year, 2003 Best menswear designer. In addition, Kors accessories in 2006 was awarded Designer of the Year Association ACE Award in 2009 by the International Fashion Group Starlight Award at its annual Night of Stars award granted. 2010, Kors CFDA get recognized and received the highest honor their "Lifetime Achievement Award" - nominated by U.S. Vogue fashion editor Anna Wintour. In 2011, he also received Courage Award from the Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR). In addition to these accomplishments, but since 2004, Kors also served as Emmy Award-winning television reality show "Project Runway" judges, international reputation. According to a new survey released by Digital Luxury Group showed Mike Gros won the most popular American brand network selection, ranked second and third defeat of Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren. Meanwhile star who loved by domestic brands, Angelababy Qin Lanliang with Michael Kors show.

When the three-dimensional flower shape instead of simple design, low tone instead of sweet when brightly colored, when tough contour instead of soft elements, Michael Kors outlet 2014 fall and winter fashion show in New York is brewing about a woman's transformation. Loose shirt with men's suit jacket, lace skirts in tough against the background of how the coat adds a bit domineering, FHM daughter body wrapped under, as if to declare "feminist era strikes."

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Angular design encounters over size (king size), even if it is on the petite woman behind are full of energy. over size clothing is no longer a boyfriend stealing clothes to wear embarrassing, but let a woman look more the latest trend strength outfit rule. Men's Michael Kors loose shirt and jacket design, simple pants, so that women's domineering degree instant burst table, its capability to shuttle in the workplace. Black, brown, gray colors are relatively low, although not warm so eye-catching, but it seemed more depth. Blended Scotch plaid cloth, coarse woven tweed fabrics and make clothes look more python skin texture. For too long, pants are able to give people a feeling of maturity, not only that, you can also highlight women trousers slender legs, cheap Michael Kors outlet in modified form also has advantages.

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Someone complained, tough men's jacket designed to make a woman look neutral full range of children, but a bit less feminine, Michael Kors outlet store must do is expose here? Translucent chiffon looming demonstrated its capability to allow women to shuttle between sexy and capable. Translucent skirts wrapped in a coat Slim, perfect body proportions will show up, this dress is absolutely no need women have a model's body. Costume design a lot less pretentious soft feminine elements, and take a more intuitive three-dimensional cut makes body more smoothly. On the layering of clothing is relatively abundant, either belt or printing are very dark sense of detail there, so clothes look very engaging, not play there taste.